Love Coaching – Text Support (45 minutes)


Our Love Coaching originated from the high number of questions within our social media profiles. You asked for advice entering polyamory, dealing with jealousy, with outings and more. We are a triad that is trained in listening and taking emotions seriously. So if you need to talk don’t hesitate to buy your own 45 minutes love coaching via chat or messenger. It’s not therapeutic, but it’s real. We listen and don’t judge.
We support you with relationship-advice from early states (flirting, dating, etc.), with monogamous relationships dealing with strong partnership issues, with lack of variety within your relationship, with you wanting to change to open relationships or polyamory. Thus, we will tell you about the risks and beauty of polyamorous relationships and teach you a new culture of communication within your relationship.


45 minutes love coaching via messenger/ chat for you (and your partner(s))
You tell us what your heart is feeling, what you are afraid of, which issues you have to face, and we listen and try to give you tools to work your relationship.
We are not therapeutic, but we know how a good culture of communication can help many relationships. We listen and talk about your options. Be sure: We don't tell you what to do.
When we listen, we don't judge and can help you with any state in your life: We can give you advice if you are a single person (how to work on your self-love, insecurities, how to date), we can counsel you with monogamous relationships and with open and polyamorous relationships facing new challenges.

Please be aware: We don't judge, and we can give advice to many of you, but we do not counsel abusive people or pedophiles - In this case please search for therapeutic advice.


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